MCC is not passed is an open dangerous secret; BHARAT JUNGAM

There are many protests in Nepal about MCC. Allegations that the US has tried to bring MCC to Nepal to impose its rule are rampant from political parties. But the Oli government has sided with the MCC. So everyone has their own understanding about MCC. How has political analyst Bharat Jangam taken MCC in this regard? Listen to her speech
MCC is money that comes in the form of aid. If the money came from well-intentioned, we shouldn’t have protested. Financial assistance is very much needed for our country.

The reality is frightening. It can jeopardize our sovereignty, our integrity and our freedom. If this is a cooperation agreement then why did the parliament have to pass it. Once passed by the parliament, it becomes law. This means enforcing US law in Nepal. That is why we have to oppose it. If there is any mistake in the law, the law here will not take action. Acts directly under US law. So what they want is to end the rights of the people, the employees and the government. There are many reasons to oppose the MCC. And why should the agreement be passed by the parliament? If you have to give help, you have to give it directly. The US trying to get its law passed by the Nepali parliament means that there is some vested interest.

This MCC is not acceptable to us, neither qualified nor necessary. Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur has said that if the MCC is not passed, I will be in trouble. What is he trying to say? Prime Minister KP Oli has said that he will pass the MCC anyway. Most of the leaders of KP Oli have said that it should not be passed. So why are they trying to pass MCC? This means that there is a hidden interest in passing MCC.

Although MCC has not been formally introduced, MCC is now being implemented. It has been operating here for two years. There is an office here, the staff is getting paid. That salary did not come from the United States. It is running money from the Government of Nepal fund for later research. It is within the MCC that India’s approval should be sought for India’s project. Needless to say, the United States is doing just that.

It is coordinating with India in the purchase and sale of electricity. From the east to the west of Nepal, only the electricity generated in Nepal is not in use. Nepal’s electricity also goes out through Raxaul. Thus, work is being done in coordination between Nepal and India. The United States does not have to keep saying this.

The MCC is not talking about US troops coming to Nepal. But if you keep pressing like this, it will definitely come later. The US is looking for a small hole to enter Nepal. Anything can happen after getting inside.

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