Media for the first time with Rekha Thapa’s husband

Actress Rekha Thapa, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time and has set her journey towards politics, has come to the media for the first time with her husband. Rekha’s husband said that although people know her from the outside, people who know Rekha from the inside will be very happy. Rekha said that her journeys are now very easy and simple because she understands herself and has become a companion in everything.

Rekha has said that they are happily living their lives after marriage. People have said that when they get what they are thinking about, it is very simple and easy for them to move forward in their life journey. He has said that he liked Rekha on his first meeting and after everything got along, they decided to get married. Rekha said that it was a great achievement to get more votes than defeat in the election from Morang Region No. 3, where there is no RPP organization.

Looking at the arithmetic of the local level, she said that she was happy when the people trusted her and voted for her in an area where there were not more than 2500 votes. Thapa said that the election taught her a lesson that if she wants to do politics, she has to go to the ground with the people. She said that seeing how the ground is run, how it is mobilized in the elections, what the people want, how they are ‘manipulating’ the people, she feels that she has done the right thing by giving up proportional seats to herself in every election.

She said that she contested the election because she felt that she became a leader without understanding the ground, the people, the society and her geography. Even though she did not spend much money in the election, looking at the spending of others, in this parliamentary system, it is also called a capitalist election. She has said that other people have made very extravagant and expensive elections. In the steps of people’s life, people who support them are very necessary. Rekha Thapa’s movies used to be sudden hits because she felt that something should be done differently in the Nepali film industry.

Rekha Thapa, who raised the voices of women from the Nepali film industry, was not involved in the marriage bond some time ago. Rekha Thapa is considered as a strong aspiring actor in the Nepali film industry. No one has been able to break the record he has made in movies for a decade. The films of Rekha Thapa, who is excellent in the field of Nepali acting, raise the voices of women. Lately, Thapa, who is also active in politics, has said that she will increase the field of films as well.

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