Meeting between superhero Rajesh Hamal and Prachanda

Rajesh Hamal, who is considered to be the great hero of the Nepali film industry, has hinted that he will enter politics. Chetan Sapkota, a musician close to the Maoists, said that the meeting was about half an hour long.

It is said that in recent times, there has been a discussion in the Nepali film industry about the damage that Indian and South Indian films are doing to Nepali films. When the government banned the import of foreign goods, the government did not include the film. Hamal had his views on issues ranging from mcc to spp and bri, while Prachanda said he had his own views on them, he had his views on Sri Lanka. Hamal said there was no reason for him not to enter politics if the situation demanded it, while Prachanda said he needed a person like Hamal in politics. According to Sapkota, this is the first time that Prachanda has met Kalakar for such a long time, and Hamal wants to become an ambassador.

Born into a large family, Hama was well educated. Rajesh Hamal, who was born in Palpa’s Tansen on June 10, 2021, has spent a long time in the film industry. Hamal’s entry warms the palace, where Rajesh Hamal goes, one palace becomes another. He was born in a high family, he has traveled around the country and abroad and has good experience in every field. When a hero who has struggled for a long time gets married too late, the couple who delayed his marriage also gives him an example. In recognition of his contribution to the field of film, he was also given the title of superhero. He has received many titles in his life.

Hamal’s parents have a good love affair. Hamal’s parents had a love marriage. They were a successful couple. Rajesh’s father, who loved his wife very much, named his five children after his wife. As his father was a diplomat, he had many opportunities to travel abroad. He completed his higher education from Chandigarh, India. Hamal has acted in more than 300 films in his life and has also acted in many songs. Despite his age, he considers himself a 25-year-old boy. Jose in Yuba doesn’t want to say that he is old because he is full of himself.

It depends on the age of the person and what he does. The hero, who has spent his life in acting, has won the hearts of the audience a lot. Her father used to stay away from his family after he was appointed ambassador to Pakistan. He is of the opinion that his mother may have died due to depression due to the same thing. Hamal, who stepped into the film industry from age to age at the age of 24, has now become a protagonist as well. Hamal life used to shoot in three parts at a time. When his name was mentioned and the movie became a hit, he didn’t have time to rest. The hero has 3 sisters and 1 brother.

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