Meksam Khati got married to a Bhutanese girl

Maksam Khati Chhetri, a folk singer who has been missing from the music scene for some time, has come to Nepal after getting married to a Bhutanese citizen, Diku Dahal.  Along with Bibah, he also released a new music video called “Hain Hola Ra”, which has received good responses from the audience.

Meksam said that Diku is currently studying in Australia and after completing his studies, he will live wherever he likes.  Singer Maxam Khati Chhetri, who has made a distinct identity from the Nepali folk-dhohari field, has tied the knot.  After being in a relationship with a girl living in Australia for three years, Mexum Khati, who got married, has also released a new song.
Meksam said that the couple, who met through their sister, later connected on Facebook and started talking, got married.  Maxim said that after Didi Sarmila became his fan, he met her after she gave an interview on online radio.  Maxim said that even though they had already had a court marriage, they became brides and brought them in on the day of Dasain.
He said that since he got married on the day of Dasain, he could not control his friends and would party later. In the life of a person, the marriage fast is also a chapter of life, according to religion, caste, language, culture, traditions, customs, and behavior, people interfere in the marriage bond in different ways.
Some get married at a young age, while some get married after reaching maturity and standing on their own feet.  Marriage binds a person to a responsible, family bond, which brings many changes in his life.  Since both of them got married knowing each other’s life, they say that they will lead a good life later, they became people during the work field life struggle.

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