Melamchi river overflows again in the middle of the night

The Melamchi floods, which have been continuing since Tuesday, have not stopped yet. According to the Area Police Office, Helambu, the floods that had subsided this afternoon have now increased from Helambu to the same level as on Tuesday. As the flow of Melamchi has increased, the remaining people in the market have also risen.

Locals have told that Melamchi Khaela has overflowed like on June 20. The water level in Melamchi Khaela has risen to a high level along with the timber. A suspension bridge is suspected to have been swept away in the floods, a police official said. He said that the bridge at Dolalghat was also at risk due to rising water level.

Police have requested the locals to take necessary precaution while the people around Melamchi area and Helmbusthita river have been shifted to safer places.

Police have urged the locals in the lower coastal area to remain vigilant as the flow of the river has increased. Earlier, 20 people have gone missing due to the floods on July 20. The government says three people have been killed. The floods have caused millions of rupees in damage.

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