Mental problems start when you don’t understand so much

To understand every consciousness, we have to understand a word that is used in psychology. That is called collective consensus. It is a term used in psychology. The term collective unconsciousness is also used. But here we are trying to understand every consciousness. For this, after understanding psychology in the background of psychology, we finally understand each of these consciousnesses. Collective Consciousness is the collective consciousness. In that sense, to this day, almost all of us humans do not have every consciousness. This means we do not have personal consciousness. We only have collective consensus. This means that any person is born into a community, a religion. At the time of his birth, he accepts all the rites that are confronted with him from his childhood till his death. I don’t think that culture is right or wrong.

Whatever community has its own culture, they believe in that culture with their eyes closed. Even if it is not a distortion. Sacrifices are made in front of the vehicle in Dashain. Should the car be sacrificed? We never ask that question. We call ourselves educated, but these behaviors tend to be more illiterate than uneducated. There are such cultures, superstitions, but we cannot rule them out. There are thousands of perverse anomalies in the community where we were born and raised, but we are still embracing them. The conscience we are in now is not our origin. Rites born thousands of years ago are a tradition that has been imposed by culture. This is called collective consciousness. The reason why we are not able to deny what we do not want today, to come out of the distortion that is taking place in the name of so-called culture, is because of the lack of consciousness of me. Because we have become like a product made by machine, like culture, culture is made of raw material. We don’t understand this for the rest of our lives.

What we think is that others like me also have culture, Sanskrit. Life is always in conflict because of the collective consciousness we have. We are no different from the living, driven by the dead. We are doing thousands of things without wanting to. There are thousands of things we like that we can’t do even if we want to. It cannot go against what is going on in the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist communities. Here the community speaks more than the individual.

You are born only on the day of discretion. Why this is happening is that we do not have a personal consciousness. You will not be human until all consciousness is opened in you. The reason why there are so many mentally ill, insane people in the society is because they do not have this personal consciousness.

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