Meri Bassai Ep-699 || April-20-2021|| By Media Hub Official Channel

Meri Bassai  is a Nepali sitcom television series and it’s production company is Media Hub Pvt. Ltd. which had started since 2006. The script writer, co-director and the lead actor of this sitcom is Sitaram Kattel. It is the longest running sitcom of Nepal. Kattel has performed more than 24 roles, he is also considered as one of the most talented comedians among the series. Nowadays he is busy in social work and has contributed a lot for the people who has sufferered from different natural disasters such as earthquake, landslides, and floods.

It is created by Daman Rupakheti, sitaram kattel and kedar Ghimire, written by Kunjan Bhattrai, composed by Chetan Sapkota and directed by Daman Rupakheti. It is broadcasted in Nepal Television at 8:00pm every Sunday and it’s running time is 22 minutes.

The opening theme of meri bassai is “Ekai xin Fursad xaina” and ending theme is “Je gare ni sukha xaina”.
There are many characters in Meri Bassai. The role of Magne Budho is played by Kedar Ghimire, Dari Baa by Surbir, Takme Budho by Wilson Bikram Rai and Khadka Ji by Sitaram Kattel.

Main roles
kedar ghimireas Magne Budho and Chaudhaghare Dada. Surbir Pandit as Darhi Budho, father of Dhurmushkunjana ghimire as Suntali, wife of Dhurmush and Jhumri, wife of Aite and Fatauri Budhi, most talkative woman.sitaram kattelas Dhurmuse, husband of Suntali; Wada Adhyakshya; ; Khadananda Guru, Aite, husband of Jhumri;Khadka Ji, husband of Apsara ,the guru who sees the future; Muskaan Pasa, who loves Fatauri Budhi; and various other characters (left Meri Bassai).Sunita Gautam Bajgain as Muiya, wife of Magne Budho suraj as Bandre Narayan , brother of Muyia
Meri Bassai reflects the daily life of the peoples from small human settlement in a craggy or hilly reagion of Nepal.In this series, sitaram as Dhurmush does some acting like as lying or stealing to everybody, but he is funny too where he entertaint people much more.

kedar ghimire as Magne Budho most of the time borrows things from others. He doesnot have a front teeth and most of the time he says “aile lattale dera bariko patama puryaidinxu.”Kunjana Ghimire plays the role of Suntali as a Dhurmush’s wife. sunita also plays Fatauri amai who always ask for money and good . She is the most talkative women in that village and always walk by bending her body.Balxi Dhurbe is the fisherman and a poor person of that village and has one mother in the name of family member.Muiyya is the wife of Magne Budha, and Bandre is his brother-in-law.Mulako saag and Chamsuri are the parents of Suntali.sitaram plays other various roles like Aite, Ward Adhyakxa, Khadka Ji, and Khadananda Guru,Muskan Pasa who loves fatauri, . He has played more than 20 roles in differend tv shows .Meri Bassai reflects the difficulties and livelihood of people living in the hilly area as well as villages of Nepal.

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