Milan Newar, with tears in his eyes, remember the past

Milan Newar, the coach of The Voice Kids, remembers the things he did when he was a child, the things he did, the mistakes he made, the beatings he made, the times he stole with his friends, and the moments when he was happy. In the beginning, she was known for her song Sangeet, but in the middle, she was not able to come into the limelight, after Phulbutte Sari made her known, many viewers recognized that Milan was singing the song. She said that even now tears fall in her eyes remembering Paul, who has struggled a lot in his life, climbing to the top, falling to the ground and climbing to the top.

Milan, who has brought a new Teej song to the market, has said that she is very happy because the audience has liked her talent. As a child, Milan Newar used to joke a lot, and she said that Milan Newar enjoyed singing more than when she was a child. She has said that she has not thought about it yet. He said that a single person is more happy than a married person in life. Many of Milan’s songs, which reached the peak of discussion in Nepali song music, have reached the peak of discussion. Milan, who is the co-host of The Voice of Kids, which was held for the first time in Nepal, has also worked to make many children’s names. A new song is about to be released in the market, of the talent that many children have.

After a long time in the field of Nepali song music, struggling, moving forward, one after the other songs of Milan are coming to the market. Milan Newar can also be seen acting in this song as a hot avatar. Earlier, Milan Newar, who acted in the same way only in his songs, has said that Yash will be seen in the song in a different way. Milan Newar, who has a distinct, romantic charm in her voice, remembers growing up in Nuwakoti village in Assam, growing up with her children in Nepali Doteli village, being too smart and being scolded and beaten.

She said that when she was studying in class 9-10, people of Kheri village used to harass her a lot. People live their childhood in different ways. Milan told that when she was a child, she used to steal Nini’s bag while going to cut grass, together with her friends. Milan, who has been learning to climb trees since she was a child, says that she still remembers that when people saw her while trying to climb the tree, others ran away and she was beaten when she was too late to fall from the tree. Milan has said that now she is stealing the hearts of the audience because she has been in the habit of stealing since childhood.

She says that she uses a short, tight dress, does not fit herself, and uses a proper dress. Since it is the title song, according to the advice of the choreographer, she said that she felt uncomfortable while wearing short tight clothes. Milan Newar says that she did not enjoy being so childish when she was a child, because she is trying to make her life songs and her destiny successful. Milan said that she likes glamorous dresses, T-shirts and jeans. Milan Newar, who has been giving justice to her songs one after the other, says that she is making her journey successful and easy.

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