Millions of crores of loans were shown in the name of those who did not even see Mahalakshmi Bank

Three persons, who have never heard of or seen the Mahalaxmi bank before, have been accused by the bank of taking loans totaling Rs. 1 crore and 5 lakh, Rs. 95 lakh, and Rs. 92 lakh. The Mahalaxmi Bank has published a press release in the local media. Previously, this bank was well-known for its gold-mining operations. This bank has once more purchased new cases, but that isn’t true either.


Victim claims that the bank has slandered them. They’re handing out psychedelics to customers at the bank. Bhim bahadur Viswhokarma, another casualty, was featured in the media. He explained it as the Mahalaxmi Bank Gold was used as collateral for the loan. Which however, he did not. He also questioned why the bank did not seize all of his gold and charge him interest if he had accepted a loan while keeping all of his gold. If they don’t pay off the debt by a specific date, the bank will seize all of their possessions.

Dhankuta native Agram limbu, Sindhuli native Bhim BK, and Bhojpur native Dharma Bhakta Rai all worked in a gold business together. The proprietor of a gold business obtained citizenship and established an account with Mahalaxmi Bank. Later on, the bank’s owner and CEO played a significant part in corruption efforts.

There is no indication that these three had taken out loans with the bank. The bank’s goal is to steal money from those who aren’t deserving of it.

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