Millions swindled Ganga and Rabin to flee to Kubet. The victim is shocked like a movie

After not getting good employment opportunities in Nepal, hundreds of people are dreaming of going abroad, some brokers are fleeing by cheating the people who are trying to go abroad.  Marycord Manpower Overseas has also absconded after withdrawing the bail amount.  Rabin Shrestha and his agent Ganga Bahadur Sijalimagar have been cheating people by taking money from them and sending them abroad.  He said that he would send people including Birendra Chaudhary abroad and fled after collecting a large amount of money.  In the name of Marikord Overservice Manpower, which has been on the black list for a long time, it has come to light that many young people have been robbed of their money by saying that they will be sent abroad.

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