Minister Live on Distribution of borrowed Medals in National Games

The program “Sidhakura janta sanga” broadcasted every evening on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from Galaxy 4k television is a simple program to find solutions to people’s concerns and complaints.  Today, even though Nepali players and coaches have been facing various problems at other times, this time, the issue of facing more daily situations has been raised.

The issue of not getting the ground ready during the game, and not getting the necessary materials such as players’ dresses, etc. has been raised.  There was a live conversation with the minister regarding the distribution of medals to players on loan without playing the game.  Due to the impact of dengue throughout the year, the issue of lack of interest in control has been raised.
There has been a special discussion on the topic of tipper terror in province one.  The statement of Sandeep Lamichhane, who succeeded in making his name known to the world by achieving success in a short time, has been taken, it is said that the girl who is called the victim is not a minor considering her age.  After presenting Sandeep in court on the second day, it is said that he will be detained for 5 days for investigation.
Up to 109 episodes of Sidha Kura, the presenter of the program, Rabi Lamichhane, said that the situation has forced him to join politics.  Yubraj Kadel, who has been giving voice from behind the curtain, was given the lead to broadcast regularly from episode 110, saying that he would hand it over to the new generation.
Yubaraj said that he will continue to raise his voice for the sake of people’s happiness and to raise the voice of voiceless people.  Thanking the people in the country and abroad who have supported him with encouragement and inspiration till today, Yubaraj made a commitment that he will continue to grow even higher in the days to come.  stated.

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