Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri did not fight saying that the thief was missing from the UN park.

The park is a place for the common man to spend his time entertaining and entertaining. It is a place where things are done socially. Students, children, old and young go to the park to have fun. Lately, people have been using the park in a negative way.  People are also found to be involved in different activities because of the type of people who move around.  People who go for fun, choose a park to talk to each other and talk about forgetting their pain. In life, people play with various kinds of pain and laughter. The government has the responsibility to run the various powers of the country.

People choose parks to relieve fatigue. Lately, the condition of parks has made them miserable. Parks built for people to live in are also found to be littered with garbage.  The condition of the park is not like that of the park. The people are tired of feeling negative about the work done by the people.

Although the law is strict in the country, it is not enforced. The law is not enforced for the sake of the common man.  Most of the people in the parks have paid for it. The money raised from that has to be spent on the staff working there and its management. But in Nepal, the opposite is the case.  There is no place to live.

After the split of the CPN (Maoist), the old parties remained the same but there was no coordination even within those parties.  After the fall of Prime Minister KP Sarmaoli’s government, a coalition government was formed under the leadership of Ser Bahadur Deuba.  She was taken into custody for speaking.

Jhakri, who was given the ministry of urban development in the coalition government, has recently come out in the field saying that not only words but also deeds should be shown.  The park was ruined by the slightest mistake of the people, which seemed to have a kind of negative impact on the society as well as the development of human bad habits.  No matter who the staff leader is working in any field, he should work honestly and responsibly.

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