Minister Renu Yadav’s warning to assassinate Sike Raut.

The C.K-Raut Janmat Party has been agitating for some time, saying that the country has not been well-governed and the farmers have been neglected due to corruption.  In the face of criticism, Renu Yadav, the federal government’s minister for physical infrastructure and transport, has spoken out against Raut’s death.  She had given a statement that he would be surrounded and killed.  She has said that he should not forget that history, otherwise he will be considered as your activist and he will be surrounded and killed.

Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba, who has become a minister in the coalition government from Unified Socialism, said in Hindi, “People know how to break sticks. Don’t fight storms.”  She has challenged him to surround Singh Durbar if he got guts. Following her remarks, there has been criticism from all quarters, and the people there have stopped her from attending the program to solve the problem of farmers, saying that she has not seen any problem of farmers.  Though Minister Yadav  was on his way to participate in the program to be held at Mukhiya Patti Musaraya on Wednesday, the activists of Janmat Party blocked the road and did not allow her to attend the program.

The police had been made to be responsible for the heads of madhesi people,  and fire on the  party cadres, said that the party cadres were transferred.  According to the Janmat Party, the activists were tortured by the police after the agitation.  Calling himself a Gandhi Badi, Dr. Raut said that he used to visit the country to observe the problems of the farmers.  He says that he will face any situation in the section.

Although Dr. Sike Raut considers himself a person who considers himself as follower of Gandhism , his actions have caused a lot of pain to the people.It is alleged that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners.  He had issued a restraining order. After seeing some trucks on the road, he did not allow the driver and co-driver to take out his mobile phone from the vehicle.

The leaders of the People’s Party, who have identified themselves as a symbol of peace by inflicting various hardships on the people, are now facing widespread protests.  He was rescued by a group of security guards and some of the Bibek Seal movement inside. He was approached by two policemen inside the Beat, who were outraged that people had not complied with their ban.  His movement had taken a violent turn.

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