Miracle of Mayor Balen at midnight: This is how the garbage of Kathmandu started to be picked up

Balen Sah, who has shown commitment to manage the garbage of Kathmandu, has been working tirelessly day and night after taking office to pick up the garbage that has not been collected for 17 days. After months of garbage piled up in the streets, the people of Kathmandu have come to believe that Balen Sah will do something. Khatida has been able to continue her journey in waste management only after a month.

Every day, from the Parliament to the House, various people are meeting and responding. Balen Sah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, who is no longer the mayor of the country and abroad, has become known as a brand. Now not only the citizens of Kathmandu, but also the citizens of the country are watching his activities. According to the commitment, Mayor Balen, who broadcast the first executive meeting live, decided to use the toilets of restaurant hotels in Kathmandu as public toilets. Toilets are being used as public toilets.

Although the previous mayor’s commitment was not fulfilled, Balen had to listen to his voice, to provide services to the people with a new vision these days, he has been working continuously for the people, day and night. The people of Sisdol are angry that the leaders and activists have taken budgets under various headings, but the locals need a clean environment to make a living from the stench. , Have given their expressions. He has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, who have done a history of disintegration in the executive branch by doing things that have not been done so far. Have been shown.

The people sitting in the people’s representative judicial committee have said that they have seen their dreams when they have suffered, when they have lost hope in many places, the victims have seen their dreams in your eyes. Balen and Sunita have said that they will always be the charioteers of the people’s suffering. Kathmandu Mayor Balen Sah, who has not become a member of any political party and has become a subject of interest for everyone, is now found to be a subject of interest even outside Nepal. India and China have also discussed the possibility of independent candidates being sidelined by the big party. Balen Sah, who has become the subject of everyone’s interest, has not lost his curiosity about the meeting of Balen, who entered the army headquarters after becoming the mayor.

After the victory of Balen Sah, who became the candidate, less than 24 hours later, he has started working in the field to fulfill his commitment. Sah, who thinks that the metropolis will be clean and beautiful and the people of Kathmandu will be the companions of happiness and sorrow, is doing his work accordingly. He said that there are so many problems here and they should be on the way to solve them. They are openly praised.

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    Personal protection equipment (PPE) need to be arranged for the personal working at field as it is related to individual’s health.

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