Miruna magar mother heart touching upendra subba surprise statement

The actress of the kabaddi movie, Phurba Tamang Lama, was allegedly assaulted by the actress, after which she was slapped and protested on social media. The incident also caused huge losses to the Kabaddi Char business. Miruna’s mother Shashi Thapa Subba has also issued a long statement on June 3 after a big discussion started on social media. Mother understands what you have done, when women are in trouble, then wisdom is hiding the pain without working.

When Shashi slapped you, I didn’t see my lovely daughter at that time. You have told Phurba that you have got relief from the police. She said the society had never thought about how a man dressed as a lama in a public place touched Miruna’s sensitive seal. There is nothing more true than religion, but today she says how much religion is true in the game of trapping you and saving Lama. She said that her daughter had done well by slapping a woman who was molesting her in a public place and that even though some people now call it wrong, everyone will understand tomorrow.

After the incident came to light, Miruna Magar shared her views on social media, saying that the incident that took place at Civil Palace on June 3 and the agreement reached on June 3 was between people from all walks of life. Since he is not a member of a community but of an individual, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all who are saddened by this incident. She urges everyone to raise their voice against wrongdoing, as any action can have a detrimental effect on her immediately, as there is much to be learned from it in the future. Some of the spectators had burnt the posters of Miruna on the street and said that they should come to the public place and apologize. Phurba, who was lodged in Kathmandu Jail for two days, was released on Rs 3,000 bail. Actress Miruna did not apologize to Phurba as her brother, they have signed a joint letter saying that they will not quarrel over this issue.

During the performance of Kabaddi Char in halls across the country, Miruna Magar, while exiting Bajir from Sundhara Civil Mall in Kathmandu, slapped the spectator and told the audience that she had been treated indecently. Miruna had slapped the man and apologized for the mistake. Dispute was created between Kapisap Miruna and Phurba of the seventh floor of Civil Mall. In the video, Meruna is seen shaking the man, a member of the film said, adding that he looked disgusted when he saw the young man and that the two others who came with him ran away, but he remained the same. Astanaray Hall is full even on the second day of Kabaddi Char movie hall on Friday the 13th of June. While the halls of Desaibhari are full, if Nepali movie is good, the audience will come to the hall full of this movie. Is given.

Dayahyang Rai said that he was very happy to get so much love from the audience when he reached Kabaddi one to four, and he still loves the audience so much. He said that he got good response from the audience after watching the movie and he was happy to comment that the whole team was good and he was always happy when the hall was full. Producers Susma, Madhu Mijar, Dayahyang Rai, Mani Pokhrel, Arjun Karki, Salendra Karki, Lipes Shrestha, Kali Prasad Baskota, Rohit Sales, Gobind Sahi and others have played important roles in this film. Nani Maya (Miruna Magar), who was seen in the movie Kabaddi 4, said that she was very lucky and happy to have the opportunity to work in this movie.

While staying at the Kabaddi movie hall, tickets are being booked in large numbers. The production team is a kind of happiness because of the love the movie has received before entering the movie hall. The film stars Dayahyang Rai as Qazi, while Buddhi Tamang, Saugat Malla, Bijay Baral and others will play important roles in the film. The production team said that the film was made to show the real events happening in the Nepali society and to give a positive message to the society. He added.

The life of any human being is like the scenes of a movie, and it sends a good message to the society, which is showing a new way to the life of a human being. He said that the film, which was made by showing the social environment, would provide entertainment by forgetting the sufferings of the people. Kazi, who is seen as an unmarried character in a kabaddi movie, said that Solti has played a lot of kabaddi this time as well. Kazi, who is playing a fun role in the film, is not tired of getting married.

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