Miruna, the heroine of ‘Kabaddi 4’, won the Brunel Gold Award from London’s Brunel University

Actress Miruna Magar has won a gold medal from London’s Brunel University. Not only did she pass her master’s degree from London’s Brunel University, she also managed to win the Brunel Gold Award.

She has a master’s degree in children, youth and international development from the university. Expressing her happiness on social media, she has mentioned that she has achieved this achievement with ups and downs.

He wrote, “Despite countless hurdles and hurdles, I feel proud to have passed my Master’s degree and in the meantime completed the shooting of the film.” This achievement has been achieved as a result of many sleepless nights, voids of lockdown and many heart broken moments. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for this help and support. I am grateful to have them in my life.

This year, she had to collect some bitter experiences. This year she was involved in the Phurwa Lama incident, but the film ‘Kabaddi 4’ starring hrr became a blockbuster. Kabaddi 4 is still running in theaters, while the movie ‘Jari’ is preparing for release. The film has managed to celebrate 51 days. Miruna’s performance in the film is very much liked by the audience.

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