Miss Nepal 2022 are Priyanka Rani Joshi, Sareesa Shrestha & Nancy Khadka Miss World

Priyanka Rani Joshi has won this year’s Miss Nepalkru crown. Joshi won the title in the grand finale held at Godavari in Lalitpur on Saturday. Joshi has been crowned Miss Nepal by Namrata Shrestha. Similarly, Sarisha Shrestha has been crowned Miss Nepal Earth and Nancy Khadka has been crowned Miss Nepal International.

Also: Nalapani on 4th October: The movie ‘Nalapani’ is going to be released on 4th October on the occasion of the festival. The film, directed by Rimesh Adhikari, has received a special award for ‘Special Film 2020’ from the Film Development Board.

The film depicts the historic battle fought by Bal Bhadra Kunwar, who captained the Nepal Army in the Anglo-Nepalese War of 1814 at Nalapani Gadhi in Dehradun. Director Adhikari claimed that the film shows how the warrior Kunwar and his 600 soldiers showed courage and bravery in the battle of Nalapani. The film is researched and written by Rimesh Adhikari and Krishna Acharya.

Pvt. Dr. Based on the book ‘Nalapanika Nayak Veer Balbhadra Kunwar’ written by Dhanraj Kunwar and Ram Raja Kunwar, historians Pvt. Dr. Dhanraj Kunwar, P.D. Triratna Manandhar, Pvt. Dineshraj Pant, Prof.Dr. Surendra KC, Former Assistant Rathi Dr. It is said that ‘Nalapani’ has been prepared based on the book ‘Sainik Itihas’ and other books published by the Nepal Army after repeated discussions with Prem Singh Basnyat.

The film stars Deshbhakt Khanal, Arjun Jung Shahi, Santosh Pant, Manoj Shakya, Bishal Pahari, Vijay Bishopot, Poojana Pradhan, Geeta Adhikari, Mahavir Vishwakarma, Ishan Biju Shrestha, Hikmat Thapaliya, Sharita Rajopadhyay, Laxmi Nath, Gayatri Ghimire, Janak Bartaula, Vishal Shrestha. Starring Sahina Bhattarai, Geeta Bisht, Yugjung Karki, Simon Khadka, Sushil Khadka 9 David, child artist Tejaswi Gurung, Hardik Thapaliya, Pranis Shakya, Nirman Thapaliya as well as foreign actors Andrew Duncan, Rachel Moles, Paul Wickinson and Samal.

Produced under the banner of Rimesh Adhikari Film Production, Veer Gorkhali Films, Ganga Narayan Film Production and BG B Entertainment. It belongs to Sujil Karmacharya. The song of the film composed by Ram Bhattarai and Hari Upreti has the voices of singers Rajesh Payal Rai, Melina Rai and Rani Shakya.

Nalapani’s associate producer is Sapan Kumar Thapa, co-producer Ganesh Karki, executive producer Ghanendra Thapaliya and producers Manoj Shakya and Rimesh Adhikari.

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