Miss Nepal world 2022 – Priyanka Rani:found worshiping in the temple

Priyanka, who managed to lift the crown of the Nepal Beauty Contest, was found worshiping at the Rani Joshi Temple. She said that she has high hopes that she will be able to lift the crown of the upcoming world beauty pageant with the love, faith and trust of everyone. Just as she managed to lift the crown of Miss Nepal, she also said that she has worked hard to lift the shame of the World Beauty Contest.

Becoming Miss Nepal means not only being the beauty of Nepal, but also representing Nepal, in order to introduce Nepal to the world, the Queen has been crowned Miss Nepal. In the event held at Godavari in Lalitpur, Joshi became Miss Nepal, while another title of Miss Nepal was won by Sarisa Shrestha, while Miss Nepal International became Nancy Khadka. This year, Priyanka Rani Joshi will be participating in the World Beauty Contest, Sarisa Shrestha will be participating in Miss Earth 2022 and Nancy Khadka will be participating in Miss International. Priyanka Rani Koshi, who will be Miss Nepal 2022, is said to be amazing because of her good speech. In the question and answer to give the title to Joshi, she has presented in a very serious and sweet manner.

The word also works as a medicine for a person, rather than what to say to a person who thinks life is bad. I really believe that the word is the best medicine for a person. “Those words change people’s lives, and it’s the words that lead people to change. When kind words are spoken, they bring a new wave to people’s lives,” she said. In your opinion, what can be done to become a soul dependent, fearless capable woman is exemplary.

Although many people have participated in the beauty pageant, one of them has been selected and the last one to win the title is the one who has the opportunity to represent Nepal and introduce Nepal to the world. To Nepal, the initial announcement was made by former Miss Nepal Ivana Manandhar, and Malina Joshi. Ivana was Miss Nepal 2015 and Malina was Miss Nepal 2011. In a different style from the previous year, Miss Nepal was inaugurated by wearing four different things.

Last year’s Korna epidemic did not happen. In the project, about 800 contestants took part this year, out of which 24 contestants were selected for the final competition. The last 24 competitors were put to a closed test, then 12 were placed in the next level. Dropping straight from 12 to 6, the last three contestants were crowned Miss Nepal. Smarika, Priyanka, Susmita, Sarisa, Rose and Nancy were in the top six. In this competition, out of 24, there were 6 doctors and Dr. Sarisa Shrestha was the winner. Face of 2022 was won by Dr. Ganga Gurung. There were 9 subtitles in this year’s beauty pageant.

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