Mobile conversations now cost Rs 1 per minute

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) has said that the inter-affiliation fee of Nepal Telecom will be reduced from next January.  However, the company has been slow to implement it. With the reduction of inter-tariff by Nepal Telecom, more services will be provided to the customers.  Despite attempts to reduce the fee, was moving to reduce the inter-fee due to disagreement within the company.

According to the service recipients, delays in government level work in Nepal may take some time due to delays.  Nepal Telecom has done this. By making it possible for the common man to use the telecom to the fullest, Nepal Telecom has decided to reduce the inter-charges of Nepal Telecom.  Compared to companies, it is now cutting down on money.

With the introduction of this service by Nepal Telecom from January 1, it is seen that the phone call service will be cheaper by about 44 paisa, due to which it will be of great benefit to the service recipients.  After the management, Nepal Telecom will reduce the inter-charge affiliation tax by addressing the demand of the customers. With the implementation of this service by Nepal Telecom, it seems to be much easier for the customers.  From SIM, calls to other company’s SIMs cost 150 paisa per minute.

Before Yash, calling from Nepal Telecom’s postpaid SIM used to cost Rs 1 per minute. Now this service charge has been reduced, calling from Nepal Telecom from prepaid SIM will cost 106 paisa per minute, while calling from postpaid will cost 66 paisa.  Customers at Nepal Telecom are now paying 44 paisa more per minute when calling before Yash. Paying less money from January 1.  The rules are to be brought into operation from January. Similarly, calling from SIM to other company’s SIMs costs Rs 2.44.

Calling from Smart Company’s SIMs to other company’s SIMs has been costing Rs 1.92. As the general public feels that they have paid more, Nepal Telecom has decided to reduce the previous service charges for the benefit of its customers.  The companies have been postponing the date of reduction of tariffs as they will incur losses. The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) has decided to reduce the inter-tariff tax.  Ncell smart, Namste service has been provided in Nepal. This service facility provided by Nepal Telecom will provide many services to the customers.

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