Model Rashmi got married to her 5 year younger boyfriend

Model Rashmi Tamang got married secretly during the lockdown. He is talking about marriage everywhere. The reason for her marriage is that she is married to her fianc, who is 5 years younger than her. Rashmi, who was once very busy in the field of music videos, got married to someone younger than her after falling in love.

According to Rashmika, after love, love does not care about caste or age. The newlyweds are Anil Ranmagar. The couple, who got married with the participation of two families, said that they got married in a simple way as it was not appropriate to gossip about Corona. Rashmi says that even though she informed her friends and family, she did not know about it in the field of art.

They have turned the love of a year ago into a marriage. We met a year ago while having lunch at a restaurant. At the same time, they connected on Facebook and met for the second time in a week. Anil says that he came to know about Rashmi only after a long time of getting acquainted with her. He says that he is attracted to Rashmi in general. Anil says that he is very happy to have such a famous model as his life partner. He was initially surprised to find out that Rashmi was the model of the video of the song he had danced earlier.

According to Rashmi, the couple, who got married within a year of meeting, did not have time to get to know each other. They say that they have turned love into marriage by knowing each other well. The couple, who are five years apart, seem to love each other more than their age. Although Rashmi has a modeling field, Anil’s field of work is different. Anil says that he has no interest in modeling as he is an expert in the field of study. Anil said that for now, he will be busy with his studies.

Rashmi said that they plan to make their future plans public soon. He says that the love between the two of them turned into marriage easily as there was no barrier from home. It has been almost a decade since Rashmi entered the modeling field.

Rashmi says that she has been thinking of running her life as it has been since she was young. Rashmi says that even though she dreamed of becoming an army member when she was young, she became interested in modeling. Rashmi, who has been living in the US for some time, has decided to do something in Nepal and stay here.
For the rest of her life, Rashmi has decided not to play music videos. She even said that she was thinking of changing the field.

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