Monthly income of a Nepali going on a UK seasonal visa is…..

Dozens of Nepalis are unaware of how much they are paid to pick fruits in the UK. Bal Kumar Khatri, who has been working as a path tourist for tourists in Nepal, is struggling in the UK today. Every rainy season the workers produced in the UK come to pick the flowers. This time, workers have come from far and wide to pick flowers.

Earlier most of the workers came from Poland, Burgundy, Rome, but in recent times uk has also recruited Nepali workers. Workers from Nepal, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries also come to work there. The 26-year-old Khatri, who speaks ordinary English, has not been there long, but the owners of the farm are very happy to have him there. Finding workers in the summer is very challenging in the UK.

He says Jenny Stalker, an Arabica pharmacist near Redfor, who has been supplying workers to the UK’s most popular supermarkets, has been working with many nationals in his foam. This time the citizens of Form 9 countries have come to work, out of which 35 are Nepali workers. She said that she was slow to work because she had to do a lot of training. Although some patience is needed for that, she is worried that the fruit will not be picked before it rots.

Nepali workers go abroad for expensive fees, to increase their economic business, some people in their own country, Nepali citizens, to go abroad, paying expensive fees, are cheated. Withdrawing money from the village at interest and giving money to the agent, they have not been able to go abroad, nor have they been able to get their money back. No matter how much information is given to a person, he will not stop cheating.

Due to the increase in the number of soft fruits in the UK, the fruit picking time is a bit slow and a lot of fruit rot, he said. He said it would take a long time to bring people from far-flung countries, including visas, as it was not possible to bring workers from far-flung countries, this time because of Ukrainian refugees. Due to the shortage of workers, many areas are being affected. It is said that 1,500 Nepali rupees per hour has been fixed for such workers.

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