Most expensive animals fluid on earth.

Everything in the world is for sale and is negotiable here. In today’s video we are going
to talk about a slightly different topic. Everything in the world is bought and sold for some
decoration. What we are going to talk about today does not fall into the category of daily
necessities. But its price is very expensive.

In today’s video we are going to give information about saliva, blood and semen from animals.
First of all, let’s talk about donkey’s milk. Donkey’s milk costs $231 per gallon. Donkey cheese
costs up to $1,000 per kg. But it cannot be found in a hurry. From Napoleon Bonaparte to
Pope Francis, he used to drink donkey’s milk to improve his health. It is low in fat but high in
vitamins. Milk is also used to treat skin diseases.

Human blood costs $1,500 per gallon. Every accident and illness needs blood. That is why
blood is so important. In addition, the demand for human blood to extract invaluable plasma
from medical research remains high. In order to look older, Silicon Valley rich people have been
buying blood from donors and injecting blood. One shot of blood sells for cost $8,000 at California
startup Ambrosia. Thus, as the demand for blood has increased, so has the criminal activity.
Illegal blood-related acts have also taken place in neighboring countries.

Similarly, a gallon of insulin can cost up to $9,400 per gallon. Insulin is an essential hormone which is
important because it helps people to survive. Swiftlet salvia is also the most expensive in the world. This animal saliva costs 26 hundred dollars per kg. Why is animal saliva so expensive? Food made from this saliva is eaten in
Southeast Asia. The properties of the bird’s saliva are probably white but the pure quality is in
red. These properties of food and saliva are twice as expensive as insulin. It is widely eaten in
Vietnam, Indonesia. It is also found in rocks and caves.

No one has seen Harsu Krav Blood. this blood sells for Rs 60,000 per gallon. Its blood is
bright blue which is extracted from kind of crab. Similarly, bear bile sells for हजार 90,678 per gallon. It is said to cure kidney and heart diseases. King Cobra’s Venom sells for $153,000 per gallon. The cobra is considered to be the most harmful animal on earth. Bull semen sells for $545,520 per gallon.

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