Mother looking for son who was sold 17 years ago

The program “Sidhakura” broadcasted every evening on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from Galaxy 4k television is a simple program to find solutions to people’s concerns and complaints.  In today’s Sidhakura, the report of archeology against Mayor Balen Shah, who is taking bold decisions one after another by removing the illegally built structures and making the Kathmandu Metropolitan City clean and beautiful, has been shown.

The pain of Buddhakumari is presented by saying that non-governmental organizations sold their sons in the name of adoption.  Today’s Sidhakura has presented the compulsion of the locals of Kailali to have to pay money even when the river is watered.  Sandeep Lamichhane, the suspended captain of the Nepali cricket team, has been demanded a 12-year prison sentence for raping a 17-year-old girl.
Up to 109 episodes of Sidha Kura, the presenter of the program, Rabi Lamichhane, said that the situation has forced him to join politics.  Yubraj Kadel, who has been giving voice from behind the curtain, was given the lead to broadcast regularly from episode 110, saying that he would hand it over to the new generation.
Yubaraj said that he will continue to raise his voice for the sake of people’s happiness and to raise the voice of voiceless people.  Thanking the people in the country and abroad who have supported him with encouragement and inspiration till today, Yubaraj made a commitment that he will continue to grow even higher in the days to come.  stated.

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