mother of 14 children, Nanda Singh, was in love with Ramesh.

Death is guaranteed after birth, even though wealth is everything one wants, sometimes people cannot save their children. She said that the Innervision organization, which started with 4 children, now has more children, and the school also teaches them well, so her children are the best. After the sudden death of her 34-year-old son Bidhan Thakur, Bimala Thakur, who is living in America, has helped by feeding the children on his birthday.

Just like the smooth leaves of a growing plant, Nanda Singh, who is smart and clever from an early age, is a mother of 14 children and is making their lives better. People’s thoughts and feelings are different, which are used to direct the direction of making people. People go to the Innervision Ashram run by Nanda Singh and Geeta and share the joy of celebrating birthdays with the children.

While having fun with the children of the ashram, she remembers her birthday, happy and sad moments, and Nanda Singh is working to create a bright future for the children by donating to the organization. When teaching 14 children to school, including their health education, not being able to pay the room rent, sometimes a big problem arises, why do we think that we are in this field, but later, if the future of so many children is improved by our small initiative, then why do we study later? She said that she takes a step forward by comparing happiness, sadness and grief.

Nanda Singh, who has been living by feeling the world even though she has no eyes to see, on the day of Mata Tirtha Ausi, not only the child she gave birth to, but also the mother of other helpless children, Nanda Singh has said that she is satisfied with the work she has done. Although Nanda could not contact her mother who gave birth to her because the network does not work in the village, she said that she remembers her mother-in-law. She said that she was very happy when the children in the Inner Vision organization she was running remembered her. Nanda has said that even though she had one mother who gave birth to her, there are many mothers who follow the rituals, education, support and nurturing.

Ramesh and Nanda, who are known as singers, program presenters, social workers, even on their own birthdays, say that they would be happy to go among the sad, afflicted, helpless people and share their thoughts with them. In order to make his birthday special, he used to celebrate his birthday by going to ashrams in different places and helping them. Ramesh Prasai, an eloquent speaker, television presenter, singer with amazing abilities, and his wife, who is currently running an ashram, is living in Nepal as a support to many elderly people. Paul Sah has spent his birthday happily with the whole team together with the couple, Ramesh Prasain and Nanda daughter, who have been doing positive work in a society.

When people celebrate their birthdays by going to ashram like this, they are encouraged and motivated. In Inner Vision, hearing the reactions of the members who have joined there, they have become very emotional. People tend to forget the land they came from when they grow up, but they always remember the efforts they made in the early days and work in the service of the sad victims. People have done various things in their life, they have moved the journey forward, some people have remembered their past and moved forward by being the charioteer of many people in the present.

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