Mother of beautiful interracial couple in media for the first time.

After her husband remarried at a young age, the mother came from Dhading to Pokhara with a 3-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. In the beginning, she said that she felt sad because her son-in-law got married at a young age due to everyone’s tension. She has said that she is more hurt than the society.

Santos and Neetu are involved in an inter-caste marriage after the habits of both of them meet. Mother said that even now in the society, there is no development of positive intelligence in people. She said that her 15-year-old son went to Kathmandu and was brought home without asking. The daughter-in-law is crying saying that there is no one to support her at home, when the mother is working alone at home and taking care of the children, on top of that, the stress of the father, living apart from the family makes her feel very sad.

No matter how many changes have occurred in the society, the hateful idea of ​​caste discrimination in people’s minds has not been removed until now, which does not allow people to live freely in the society. Due to inter-caste marriage, many people lose their lives and have to leave their family and society immediately. He tells that after Santos and Neetu fell in love and got married, even their family did not like them.

He said that Santosh and Neetu, who were close while studying in college, got married after meeting their hearts. He said that his father and sister-in-law have been threatening him a lot from home, he has said that he has been giving him a lot of stress after he got married, who did not come home even on Dasaitihar for 12-13 years. The mother has told that Maiti is saying not to stress the children who can get married to anyone after meeting their hearts. The son and daughter-in-law have said that the behavior of both of them is good, the habit of not getting angry is the best habit.

She said that it is very good to teach her mother-in-law what she doesn’t know, and to pay more attention to herself. He said that even though someone’s son-in-law and daughter-in-law do not accept marriage, they are unfaithful, but their behavior is good after marriage. Santosh said that some time after his inter-caste marriage, when he gave an interview, his photo appeared on Facebook Tiktok and everyone got a good response. Although Santosh used to get angry sometimes, Ritu sometimes cried after a while when he spoke, he said that all his habits are good habits.

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