Mother put off the fire of half burnt dead body

Rabi lamichhane the tv journalist has come up with brand news episode with Galaxy televion with new energy and new team. Today’s episode reveals the story of the ward president who took the budget which was allocated to buy the ambulance and the story of a Nepali from Saudi Arabia. The smart digital hospital has been built up in kalikot, kailai district in the collaboration of Rabi Lamichhane. He has built this hospital in the name of his own foundation. His wife, Nitika is also providing the helping hand for his social work. Nitika had said that she will donate all the money that she has get from the Nepal film industry while being the head of the Nepal film board industry. She had donated all 3 months’ salary for building the Rajkot hospital in Kalikot. Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese television presenter. Before, he had hosted a popular television show, “Sidha Kura Janta Sangha”, which addresses the root causes of different issues that occurs inside the country”. He is also best known for his “detective-style”. He raises a direct question to the Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the problems of the country in various sectors. Lamichhane interviewed the top politicians, journalists, celebrities, and took the phone calls from different viewers while conducting the marathon show. In April 2013, he set the Guinness world record at over 62 hours program show, the record has since been broken later by Alexandru Raducanu of Romania where Alexandru hosted an over 72-hour-long show. The main motto of the show was to bring the root problems of the country from the different corners of Nepal and try to resolve it using different approaches. Rabi was best known for his straight forward nature. He was full of bold and active personality who never low down his character in front of any top politicians, leaders and journals of the country. His bold voice added the marvelous style of presenting himself in the show. He is an eye star of many Nepalese youth. In his show, he raised all the question regarding politics, economics and socio- culture sectors. He interviewed the top politicians of the country in a very daring way. Many are fond of his hosting and presenting style.  Lamichhane collects up the complaints from the ordinary people, mostly who are victims of fraud or corruption, and encounters the ostensible doer on camera. He is one of the top journalists of Nepal. After becoming the celebrity of Nepal and be in a limelight, many people raised the voice against his journalism style, many people try to down his character, many want to show him as a criminal and as a fraud. Despite of many controversaries, he neither lack his energy nor down his boldness style and always march his way towards his journalism. After building this(Raskot Hospital) hospital, his team have the great hope for providing the help and necessities especially for the new born baby (infant child), and the pregnant women by providing all the necessities needed for them. Many other co- workers are providing helping hand to Rabi. Though it was not the easy task but eventually they become successful to build of the Raskot Hospital. A big congratulations to Rabi Lamichhanne and his team for this social work. This bring happiness and smile in the face of many peoples who live in the Kalikot.

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