Mother studying in college at the age of 60

Jyoti Koirala has proved that there is no age limit for getting education. She continues to go to school even at the age of 60. She says that students used to call her mother.  People who are bound by family ties after marriage are found to be barred from taking education by their daughters-in-law, but she said that she was forced to take up education again because of discriminations after having grandchildren.  She says that the wave of reading has awakened.

She is studying law in class 12 at Nabprabha Prabhat Secondary School in Pokhara. She says that she has eaten a lot of hepai ​​because she is uneducated.  However, she says that she is still studying with her younger siblings at a younger age than her children. The teacher is also impressed by her and says that she teaches well. Neither her family nor her family has stopped her from studying.  “People can get education in any situation if they want,” she said.

She also wants to be a successful politician. She has become the chairperson of Oda Toll Reform Committee and also the chairperson of Mahika. She says that she started getting education again after feeling jealous of politics.  After realizing this, she says that she will become a skilled politician and is more active in her studies. Now she says that she will fight for district members.

Koirala says that she is selfless in favor of the truth and does not allow any untruth to be fulfilled.  The property in her family is equal to 60. Her father was born in a teacher’s family. In the family where her father is a teacher, she says that she did not get to study with much love after the death of her mother.

Jotika, who has been playing with her younger mother since she gave birth to a brother, now has three daughters and a son.  She says that she will work without taking any money from anyone. She is selfless in politics and has expressed her desire to fight as a Member of Parliament.  Land is also associated with politics.

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