Mother team donate money for Dhurmus suntali foundation at midnight

Sita Ram Kattel ( सिताराम कट्टेल) ,who is known by the name Dhurmus in a Nepalese Entertainment industry is a Nepali actor, comedian, director, scriptwriter and social worker. He was born on September 20,1983 at Solukhumbu district, Nepal. He plays a lead role or character on the Nepali TV series “Meri bassai.” He also acted in Chha Ekan Chha, which become blockbuster among the Nepalese movies and the Nepalese people really appreciated his work. The film was run  under his lead role along with Neeta Dhungana, Jeetu Nepal, Deepak Raj Giri and Kedar Ghimire, . kattel another movie Wada Number 6 was also a blockbuster. He is not only a actor and fine artist but also an active social worker who involves in different social activities. During the period of earthquake, he really supports many poor Nepalese who were deprived from the food and shelter. He along with his spouse(kunjana) shows the active involvement to help the needy people from different parts of our country Nepal. Without saying day and night, they were involved in social work and become successful to win the heart of Nepalese. By looking their works, different people from Nepal and abroad get influenced from them and become ready to be helping hand of the poorer by providing the money, food and clothes. In sum he is a kind, humble and very generous person in real life.
Kunjana Ghimire
Kunjana Ghimire is a Nepali comedian, actor and a social worker. He is popularly known by name “suntali” provided by the Nepali TV serial “meri bassai”. She is a spouse of famous Nepali actor and social worker Sita Ram Kattel(also known by Dhurmus). She was born on 15th June, 1989 at Latitpur district Nepal. Her nationality is Nepali. She has a one daughter Donisha kattel. She is very active in social work along with his husband Sitaram Kattel. Her early life and schooling were completed at Lalitpur district. She was fond of dancing, acting and singing since her childhood. She came into limelight after her good performance in Nepali Tv series Meri Bassai. She met Sitaram Kattel during her suiting time at the suiting set of “Meri Bassai”. After then, they both fell in love with each other and got married in 2009. Their marriage results one beautiful daughter name “Donisha Kattel”. Apart of being busy in social work, she also look after her family and spend quality time with them.

Sitaram Kattel, along with his wife Kunjana Ghimire is a founding member of Dhurmus-Suntali foundation. The foundation recently finished Sindhupalchock Giranchour Integrated Model Colony Construction Project (in Nepali called सिन्धुपाल्चोक गिरान्चौर एकीकृत नमुना बस्ति निर्माण परियोजना). The formal handing ceremony was held on 28 October 2016 in the presence of President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, parents of (Sitaram and Kunjana), Madan Krishna Shreshtha and Hari Bansha Acharya (Maha Jodi). The construction project has built a colony of 67 houses which contains of dedicated areas for children parks, parking areas, public taps, public toilets, and health posts. The colony was mainly made by looking towards the victims of the April 2015 Earthquake that come at Nepal. They also provide the information related to cleanliness all over the Nepal especially targeting the Bagmati river of Nepal, that follows beside the holy temple Pashupatinath. They also run campaign for it.  By appreciating the work of Dhurmus and Suntali, different groups and social clubs have been established in Nepal. And their main moto is to carry on the various cleanliness and social awareness projects in different places. Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) & Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) are cleanliness ambassador of the Nepal Government and really doing a great job in our country Nepal through their social work.

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