mother was stunned at the success of her son Shiva Pariyar.

Shiva Pariyar, a singer who has been contributing to Nepali music, has made a name for himself in his short time with his hard work and dedication. news 24 Usha Khadki is hosting the regular program “Mother” which is aired from Nepal. Shiva Pariyar, who enjoyed associating life with music from an early age, says that his mother Mankumari Pariyar was very sad at the beginning of her life struggle.

Mankumari says that despite losing one of her five children, the others are still with her. Rejoicing with her friend, she started rejoicing wherever she had fun and became pregnant at the age of 17 and gave birth to Shiva, she said. She says that she has given birth to 3 daughters after one son. Manakumari says that her family is being harassed by the habit of fishing in the river of Masan Ghat in Shiva Sano, who lives alone. The mother tells her son that he has been doing well since he was a child.

Shiva Pariyar, who was born on the 9th of Bhagun, 2039 BS, has now settled in the hearts of many people with his songs and music. In the year 2056, he studied at the Lalit Kala Campus for higher education. Shiva Pariyar says that he came here after meeting Chandan Kumar Shrestha. After excelling in Radio Nepal on the modern side in 2059 BS, he started his professional singing journey. Saili Git has got the most discussion in her Phewa Lake which was made public in 2062 BS.

Shiva Pariyar, who was born in Sarlahi, says that the reaction and suggestions of people who think in the village before and now are different. People who don’t even know what to read after SLC, say that they don’t dream big now. Shiva says that when he participated in the nursery rhyme competition in the year 2051, when he got his name to be beaten by a friend, he did not know that he was singing the song. He says that his talent has been on display since that day. Pariyar says that when he was first in 60-70 schools in the district, he knew that he had to sing. Pariyar says that he came to Kathmandu from home in two years to make his own arrangements.

Pariyar says that he could not go to college because of his family background. He says that he is very happy to be able to study in Bisaya of his choice while staying in Nepal. He says that if a person goes home with the prize he has received and looks in the mirror, he will not be able to sleep through the night unless he deserves it. Shiva Pariyar says that he reached here as a teacher. Pariyar, who has sung only 250 songs, has touched the hearts of the audience with his talent. “People have to sing songs that add energy to their bodies and change their lives,” she said. Kheri, who wrote the poem, cried a lot remembering her parents and Rin who came to the village, but now Jiban has taken a good turn, he says.

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