mother’s day day special -jay shah mother prema shah- a mother who guided her daughter to succes

Born in Sripur Birganj on 16th June, 2002, Prema Sah’s real name is Giriraj Laxmi Sah. She passed away 4.5 years ago today at the age of 72 years.  Born to father Purnendra Bikram Sah and mother Aruna Sah, Aruna Sah grew up in her uncle’s house since childhood.  Experts say that Prema Sah, who has been interested in music and music since childhood, did not express her interest through her daughter.  Actress Jal Sah, the daughter of Prema Sah, also known as Sahityakar, is known as a successful artist.

Prema Sah, who has published various essays on the novel, was very popular from those articles. Before her death, Prema Sah was living in the US with her daughter. She has published half a dozen collections of children’s stories and three children’s novels.  Sah, who did SLC from Patan’s Adarsh ​​Kanya Niketan in 2016, graduated from Patan College and graduated from Tribhuvan University.  After that, Sarlahi used to teach in Birgunj and Nepal Ganj.

According to Sahitya Kar Prakash Sahami, Sahni remembers her daughter Jal enrolling in the Diamond Institute in Bijuli Bazaar in the year 2051 to become an actress. At that time, Jal Sah was 15 years and 8 months old.  Because of this, he was taken in by the film production team.  He was cast in the movie in the year 2052. His mother remembers Sahni teaching Jal Sah to act and speak dialogues.  Since Prema Sah writes obscenities, some people say that there are many people who abuse her.

According to Prakash Sahani, Prema Sah has fulfilled her dream through her daughter.  According to Vishwa Mani Subedhi: Prema was very beautiful in her childhood and she was as proud as she was beautiful.  At the same time, the actress working in the film industry is looked down upon, because her feelings are good in the film industry, her daughter is found in the film industry.  According to Subedi, many people call Prema as her daughter’s shepherd, but many people think that Jal Sah will not become an actress if she does not become a shepherd.  Although Prema Sah studied at her uncle’s house, a teacher of different Bisay was also appointed to send her.

After being taught well at home by her teachers, she was enrolled in the sixth grade at the same time. The next year after enrolling Prema Sah at Patan School, the morning classes of that school were shifted to Madan Memorial School.  Later, she was enrolled in a school in Tripad, Patan. Shortly after that, she also studied at Adarsh ​​Kanya Niketan School.  Jal Sah on his mother’s 3rd birthday, where to start and where to end, how much you would be upset if you didn’t listen to me for a moment, you are cruel, you said my life is in you, you are for me and I am for you  She used to say, “I can’t exist without you, she has put me on social media to make me lonely.”  The mother used to tell her daughter that they had a good love affair and that they were born for each other.

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