Mount Everest Vs Olympus Mons

We all know that Sagarmatha is the highest(tallest) himalayan of the world. It’s height is 8848 m above sea level and in recent days it has been said that its height has increased a little more i.e. 8848.86m above the sea level. It means that the height of Sagarmatha is increasing day by day. According to the researcher, the height of Sagarmatha is increased by 0.16inch in a year.

What will happen after many years if the height of Sagarmatha increases in the same ratio? In this question, researchers say that, if the height is increased in the same ratio, then it will reach the level of Olympus Mons (highest mountain on Mars) which is 21km high. Then the question is raised : when will the Sagarmatha reach the level of Olympus Mons? How tall can Mountains get?

The highest mountain of the world “Sagarmatha” can be easily visible from the universe. In 2004, the International space station shared the beautiful view of it. But it looks very small when we compare our natural beauty “Sagarmatha” with the highest mountain of Mars(Olympus Mons). The main question is that, can non-living things like-Sagarmatha be increased in the same ratio in future days as well?

We all know that the inner core of Earth always changes with time and because of it many natural disasters like- earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption, etc take place from time to time which causes the formation of different high mountains and lands. Earth’s inner surface is made by the different plates and these plates lie inside the mantle in the earth and these plates move with time. When the two plates come together, the pressure between them helps in the formation of parbat. The more the pressure between the two plates, the higher the parbat is and the same process also occurs in the formation of Mountains like-Sagarmatha. 

Saraghamata is formed by the collision of Eurasian and Asia plates and the process is still running. In recent days as well, the Asian plate is moving towards the Eurasian plate by the rate of 7cm every year which results in the increasing height of Sagarmatha. According to the scientists, increase of the height in the mountain is not only caused by the collision of two plates. Because there are many other factors behind it and among that factors Volcanic eruption is the one.

The stratovolcano and shield volcano helps in the formation of high mountains. Do all the mountains increase with time? Yes, it can, but up to a certain limit or point only. According to the scientists, the height of Mountains are affected by the different geological elements. So some geological elements support the increase in the height of mountains while some elements decrease the height. 

Different geological factors that affect the height of mountains include- Gravity, snows, glacier erosion, volcanic eruption, plate movements, waterfalls and rivers from the mountains, landslides and many more. So, different scientists conclude that the height of sagarmatha could not increase more with time but its weight can be increased and decreased according to the geographical elements and factors and there is no possibility of Sagarmatha to reach the level of Mars after the trillions years as well.

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