MP Chaudhary’s objection to the allegation of hiding the cylinder

It has been reported that MP Ganga Chaudhary hid the oxygen cylinder in his house. On the
basis of the information, a group including social youth engineer Gyanendra Shahi and police
had reached his house. Only after Gyanendra Shahi and the police reached the house did they
find out that it was the house of MP Ganga Chaudhary. MP Chaudhary had provided oxygen
cylinders for some hospitals in Dang. On the basis of that, a police team including Gyanendra
Shahi had reached his house to raid his house after the news came out that he had hidden the
cylinder. Chaudhary was afraid that the team would snatch the cylinder from the house. But
when they found out about their purpose, they returned, saying that the team would help if

MP Chaudhary has reached Dang after her house was raided. On the day she reached Dang, she
distributed additional cylinders. She is trying to save her people as the corona is dying due to
lack of oxygen in Dang. She has also distributed other health items saying that she will help the
people who were sent away victorious in any way she can. He asserted that his confession had
been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.
She had demanded some of the 400 oxygen cylinders from China for her district. Accordingly,
she had sent Dang. However, the police raided Chaudhary’s house saying that he had hidden the
cylinder in his house. Chaudhary had demanded the health minister with a recommendation. As
the health minister asked her to take 7 out of 15 demands, she sent the cylinder to Dang after
fulfilling the corresponding criteria. She had taken seven cylinders from Tribhuvan International

She kept seven cylinders in her house from the airport to keep the cylinders safe. As soon as he
brought the cylinder, news started coming that he had hidden the cylinder. When he returned
home with the vaccine, he was surprised to find a crowd at his house. It was finally learned that
the mob had raided his house saying that he had stolen the cylinder he had brought. He later
found out that police and social engineer Gyanendra Shahi had brought the cylinder for what
purpose. Later, Gyanendra Shahi also expressed his commitment to help him.
He said that he has been a Member of Parliament twice so far but has never taken bribe from
others. She even said that if someone proves that she has taken a bribe, she will be given the
right to hang.

He is thinking of building a people’s house before building his own house. That is why he says
that he will build a road in front of his house only by building a road in front of people’s houses.

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