Muhammad Ayad: Genius kid from Pakistan, whose IQ level is amazing

Some babies are born with different traits, which can be seen in different ways.  Muhammad Ayad, a young child from Pakistan, has set 21 records.  Ayad has many qualities at an early age, he has made a separate history, setting the record for most children in Pakistan.  Like the green leaves of a growing plant, some children acquire all the qualities from an early age, these children from Pakistan have been keeping many records.

When Ayad was born, he could not sleep.  When he went to the doctor for a check-up, he said that the IQ quality of the baby was high.  After the doctor told the baby to sleep in a dark room, when he came home, after trying to put him to sleep in a dark room with a little music, he fell asleep quickly.  He had very different qualities than normal children, he was showing a different quality in each of his moments, which was making him stronger day by day.

Mahmoud’s mother told him she had facial paralysis before she was born, adding that while she was taking medication, many doctors said the baby could go insane, but she did not try to have an abortion.  With three children, he has to be taught something new every two minutes, which is why Muhammad’s parents have told him to pay close attention.  It has been found that in every moment he has to be given new knowledge and, from that, he has to take new knowledge and start new history.  He said that he was compelled to teach him something from time to time.  According to his mother, the boy wanted to do something new for Pakistan.

Ayad, who has been setting one record after another in the society, is now attracting a lot of attention.  When he shows a photo, he talks about it.  In it, Yin made 15 paintings, and after receiving the award, Ayad struggled to expand his market, which teaches that any person should develop the habit of struggling from an early age.

Ayad learns about human body parts, planes, capital assets, and tells them in a comfortable way.  Making history one after the other and telling about everyone, these children are quick to put anything in their mind.  A child who paints a picture well, describes it well along with the picture, decides to do anything by himself, how to build it.  Any man spends his time constantly on some work.  That is to say, he should have got a job at every moment, otherwise he could have taken a bad step by wasting his time in wrong work.

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