Muslims and Hindus on the issue of government land in front of Dharahara

The disputes occur between the Hindu and Muslim on the issue of Government land. This land is situated just in front of Dharahara. At that place, there is a land of government which consists of area of 6 Aana and 2 paisa. That land was not used by the government since many years. And at that place the three families of Hindu and 2 families of Muslim were settled down since 1980 i.e. during a long period of time.

They were living in a good environment at the past. But during few days some disputes had been created between the families of Hindu and Muslim regrading that land. The chairman of the Muslim family SamirMiya Ansari and his brother Rajmohat Ansari had captured that land for their own use. According to them, they are going to build Masjid in that land. The main problem arise in that place was that its ok to build the masjid in their own place but they have no right to capture the land of Hindu family for their own benefit.

According to Hindu, they are doing repression and exploitation to them by capturing the land of Hindus, and opening the shop and masjid there like as it was their own land. When, Rajmohat Ansari was asked about the things and came into agreement related to this land, he always avoids the matter by saying his brother Samirmiya Ansari was busy in reading the Nawaz. It seems like Muslim families are not listening to Hindu and do their things according to their will without considering other families.

This creates disputes and angriness between them and Hindu families came into the road against them and ask for their rights. The crowd had been seen at that place in the favor of Hindu family. Such disputes in the name of religion had been seen in many areas but It is not a good idea to create disputes between the two religions. Instead, we should have brotherhood and sisterhood relationship between the two religions.

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