My song is successful because of social media, Elena Chauhan

Elena Chauhan has emerged as a very popular singer in the field of contemporary Nepali music. Her voice is not very different when it comes to naming a new singer. She has succeeded in giving popular songs since she started her Nepali musical journey. Nowadays, she is a well-known singer and has given her voice in many songs. Today we will hear about the journey of this famous singer in her own voice.

He was already interested in music. Initially, she could not move forward even though she did not have any investment. For the first time, he was offered a cover video and audio for Rs 2,000. While searching for the place, he found it closed. For the same 2,000 rupees, she recorded the song by downloading the track on YouTube. She recorded the song and posted it on her own YouTube channel. According to Anila, the song was watched by 8,000 people. In the beginning, she sang the song of singer Trishna Gurung’s singer Dajai and this is the beginning of her musical journey.

Before entering the music industry, Elena was involved in teaching. If she doesn’t come to this field, she says, she will stay as a teacher. In the current situation, it is difficult for him to survive in the field of music. She said it would not be difficult to enter the area but it would be difficult to continue. Due to the high level of competition, it is difficult to survive.

Elena has been living with her parents and grandparents with two sisters and a brother. My father was in Saudi Arabia for many years working abroad. Father may have returned to Nepal only a short time ago. Born into a modest family, Elena was involved in the teaching profession along with her studies. Before he became an artist, his family had to rely on his father’s monthly remittances from Saudi Arabia. Now that he has become an artist, he is still financially capable. As a good student in the school, she says that when she started studying in college, there was some decline in her studies.

Alina is still single. In the future, she is thinking of marrying the boy her parents are looking for. She says that there is no time to fall in love because she is busy at work.

Elena says that social media has helped her a lot. She has been talking to her audience live and sometimes even through personal phone calls. He has the experience that social media has presented a good song in a bad way and it has also done the job of reviving a lost song. He has the experience that the results will come according to the way he thinks about using social media.

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