Myanmar girl and Nepali boy’s love. They got married in Chinese.

This is an amazing love story of a guy from Nepal and a girl Myanmar. Amendra belongs from kathmandu, where his beloved wife April belongs from Myanmar. Amendra went Myanmar in order to finish his undo business. Since then they both fell in love with each other in short period of time. After few weeks they decided to get married to each others. After breaking the numbs and traditional value he married to his beloved one with different culture.

The pair discusses their everyday lives and excursions, and they have  followers who like their cute international connection.

Their parents orchestrated Aditi’s Hindu marriage to her now-husband Prabodh Shahi. Tradition dictated that the bride and groom could not see each other before their wedding for a long time, but in certain regions, families are now allowing the couple to meet and converse before the wedding. Two years before to their wedding, this couple met. We were forced to meet through an aunt who was known to both of us because it was an arranged marriage,” Aditi recounts.

A sangeet—which means “music night” or “musical party” in Hindi—was held before to the wedding. This is a relaxing setting where both the bride and groom’s families may let their hair down and interact before the wedding. Aditi wore a lehenga, a long embroidered and pleated skirt tied at the waist but leaving the lower back and stomach naked, to her sangeet, and she and Prabodh sang a couple Bollywood songs.


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