Nagdhunga Tunnel construction project letest update.

Work on the Nagdhunga tunnel is progressing day by day. It is said that 540 people are working here continuously and the work will be completed within the fiscal year 2078-80. Compensation for the tunnel is nearing completion and 56% of the work has been completed. Vehicles other than bispots will be run on the tunnel route, while rescue vehicles will run on the auxiliary tunnel route.

He said that the work could not be completed on time as there were many problems to bring money and demand from the locals. 1283 meters of the main tunnel has been dug. A 1644 meter long tunnel has been dug for emergency use. The total length of Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel will be 2688 meters. It will also become a tunnel to sideline damaged vehicles. The project is expected to be completed in the fiscal year 2079-80.

In order to save fuel, work on the Nagdhunga tunnel was carried out to make it easier to travel short distances. In recent times, the work of tunnels has been taken forward in various places in Nepal, due to which the development work is progressing day by day. It is said that Tokha-Chhare, Godavari-Panauti, Saga-Banepa tunnels will be developed in the fiscal year 79-80. If this tunnel is constructed, tunnels will be constructed around Kathmandu. This will have the benefits of avoiding traffic jams, saving time, ease of movement, saving fuel, and reducing vehicle wear.

He said that the locals have been facing various problems while the work of Nagdhunga tunnel is going on. The water sources have started drying up while digging the tunnel. He said that the condition of the two-storey house was very critical as huge bombs were detonated. According to the locals, there is a problem of not being able to escape when one thinks that the bomb was detonated at the time of the earthquake. The locals have told us how to be anti-development even when we are facing problems of local air, water and land, even if we do not have our own house.

As the work on the Nagdhunga tunnel was progressing, water was flowing inside the tunnel, water was coming in, water sources outside were drying up, locals were coming on the road as water sources were drying up, they had to struggle to get water, locals said. Nandu Subedi, chairman of the struggle committee, says that they have to come to the streets as the water sources are drying up as they are dependent on farming. As the work on the Nagdhunga tunnel was progressing, water started leaking inside, and the work was done to stop the flow of water by applying white plastic, the technical team said.

He said that Nepali and Japanese have been working together for the construction of the road. Although the road infrastructure has to pay Rs 1.14 billion for the construction of the road, he has allocated Rs 15 million this fiscal year. He said that additional Rs. 310 million has been provided for the assistance. He said that the budget required for the compensation was not released at once and the amount could not be paid to all. The engineer has informed that the road construction work has been started after receiving additional relief of Rs 310 million.

In the past, there was a lot of controversy over compensation, but now people are only talking about the amount they should receive, how long they will receive, and when their house will be demolished. According to the engineer, the work has been carried out with the help of local people. The engineer said that 27 percent of the work plan has been completed and he is working at a fast pace. He says that he has been advancing 300 meters every month, even though he has not finished it all at once, he has done a good job. He said that the road is being strengthened as it is a matter of pride and smallness of Nepalis. He said that the work has been able to continue as there is good support from the local government to the center.

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