Nagdhunga tunnel has completed 200 meters.

The Nagdhunga tunnel under construction is 43.35 percent complete. Project Chief Naresh Man Shakya informed that out of the total length of 5,499 meters of tunnel to be excavated, 2384 meters have been completed. The project office has informed that the main tunnel will be broken through 079 Saun. “Even if there is a delay, we can do it by August,” said project chief Shakya

Before that, there is an action plan to construct audit tunnels within 078 BS. Earlier, there was an action plan to complete the audit tunnel in Chait, but the workers who went home on the 10th did not return to work. Even now, 27 people are infected. A total of 550 workers (including technicians) are working in the project.

The overall physical progress of the project has reached 30 percent. The length of the main tunnel in the project is 2688 meters. Out of that, 875 meters have been completed so far. Evacuation tunnel 1340, working audit 126 and cross passage 43 meters have been completed. The total evacuation, working and cross package is 2557 meters, 126 meters and 128 meters respectively. Out of the total length excavated, 1,243 meters towards Kathmandu and 1,141 meters towards Dhading have been completed. Compensation is being distributed now, ‘said project chief Shakya. Work has also begun to prepare the ‘foundation’ for the flyover. Of the total 12 structures to be constructed, eight have been completed so far

The Nagdhunga Tunnel, which has been formally constructed since January 20, has achieved 37 percent economic progress including the mobilization of the project. The project is led by 26 top management Japanese and about 50 Nepali engineers. There is a contract agreement to complete the project in April 2023. A maximum of two months can be extended due to covid.

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