Name of Nepali political grand designer exposed

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has resigned after failing to get a vote of confidence on April 10.
On the same day, President Vidyadevi Bhandari directed the opposition to form a government
with a majority. It remains to be seen whether KP will succeed in forming a government with a
majority or KP Oli will be re-elected. But advocate Vishnu Bhattarai has opened his mouth about
what is behind the reality of the vote of confidence and whose design it is.

KP Sharma Oli knew at the time of announcing the vote of confidence that he could not win the
vote of confidence. But still he persisted. Finally, KP Oli failed to get a vote of confidence by
bringing a total of 93 seats in the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls on August 10. The three main
opposition parties had lost 124 votes. According to Bhattarai, KP, who lost the PM’s job after
failing to get a vote of confidence, already knew about it.

He says that KP Oli has a big interest in getting the vote of confidence on April 10. According to
him, KP Oli was confident that he would not be able to get a vote of confidence in the by-
elections on March 10, and he knew that it was not possible for the opposition to form a new
majority government. In that case, the president would have to issue a three-day ultimatum to
form a majority government. While the KP-Oli government has collapsed, the parties cannot
create a majority. A new budget plan has to be brought on June 30. There is no question of
passing the policies and programs of the government that have fallen into this trap. Even if a new
government is formed, it will not be possible to formulate a new budget immediately. Therefore,
saying that the opposition party cannot find an alternative to KP Oli, Advocate Bhattarai has
explained the reason for planning to hold a vote of confidence on the 27th.

Although KP Oli proposed to take a vote of confidence, Ghattarai claims that the design was not
his. He directly said that Oli had decided to take a vote of confidence only after former King
Gyanendra visited Haridwar, India. According to Bhattarai, it is understood that the former King
Gyanendra and the Indian party were also involved in Oli’s vote of confidence. According to
Bhattarai, the Indian RAW chief’s visit to Nepal, his meeting with Oli in Baluwatar, his visit to
India by former King Gyanendra, and Oli’s decision to take a vote of confidence were all
carefully planned.

He also said that the planner of the project was Samanta Goyal and later he was Mukunda
Narmani who came as new RAW chief to nepal.

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