Nanda, the daughter of Ramesh Prasai and Nanda, is so upset

Artist Khabar’s presenter Gopi Krishna Chepagai has talked to Nanda Singh, who has been living by realizing the world without her own eyes, on the day of mother Tirtha Ausi, not only the child she gave birth to, but also other helpless children or mother Nanda Singh.  Although Nanda could not contact her birth mother as the network does not work in the village, she said she missed her mother-in-law.  She said that the children in the Inner Vision organization she has been running are very happy to remember her.  Nanda says that even though the mother who gave birth to her is one, there are many mothers who take care of the culture and education.

“I am very happy that all my children have excelled in their studies and I want to build a good home for them and build a bright future for them,” said Singh.  Nanda Singh, who has been living with the help of others, said that she is now running the organization to take care of the helpless children by mortgaging the chain given to her by her husband.  She said that even though her mother-in-law informed her mother, she did not even tell her husband that she knew him.

In Nepali society, Git Sangeet, Bolai, television presenter, many are learning to live, very much interested in the field of social service, not only an artist, he also moves forward by playing the same supportive role in the happiness and sorrow of the people.  For an artist, a communicator, Ramesh and Nanda are the ones who have decided that their art, the voice of social change, should be their charioteer not only among the audience, but also in the audience’s happiness and sorrow.

Ramesh and Nanda, also known as singers, presenters and social workers, say that they are happy to be among the saddened and helpless people, even on their birthdays, and to share their thoughts with them.  In order to make his birthday special, he used to go to different places of the ashram and celebrate his birthday by helping.  Nepal is an outspoken speaker, television presenter, rich in amazing abilities, singer Ramesh Prasai and his wife who is now running the ashram with the help of many rich people.  Paul Sah celebrated this birthday with a couple who are doing positive work in a society, Ramesh Prasai and Nanda’s daughter, the whole team has spent their birthday happily together.

When people celebrate their birthday by going to the ashram in this way, they are encouraged and inspired.  In Inner Vision, the response from the members is very emotional. As people get older, they forget about the past, but they always remember the struggles they had in the early days, working for the victims.  People are moving forward by doing various things in their lives, some of them have moved forward by remembering their past and now they have become the charioteers of many.

Paul Sah said that when he starts doing any work, the first thing that comes to his mind is Invervision organization. Since he is like a member of Inner Vision family, Paul Sah is very happy to meet Babu Nani who came here.  There are different kinds of happiness in the minds of the people, which makes them move forward with more motivation at work.  Paul Sah has said that Nanda’s daughter is like a mother

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