NEA claims that 200 million rupees was lost due to cutting the internet wire

The internet service was also disrupted on Sunday after the NEA’s Bharatpur distribution center cut the wires of a major internet service provider who did not pay the pole fare on Saturday. Employees of the service provider staged a protest in Bharatpur immediately after the wire was cut.

There is a dispute between the service provider and NEA over the payment of poll rent. Due to their disputes, the general service recipients have been hit hard. The service recipients have not been able to get the service even after paying the high internet fee.

Internet service providers have said that Rs. 200 million has been lost across the country when the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) cut the internet wires. Chairman of Internet Service Provider (ISPAN) Sudhir Parajuli said that NEA has caused a loss of around Rs 200 million in a single day.

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