Nearly a tussle at Deuba’s residence: Tensions in Congress

Political bickering Umesh Khanal has expressed his feelings while talking to the presenter of the program on A1 time television.  Creatures do not seem to be able to live independently. They seem to be dependent on each other.  It seems to be very important for everyone to choose their own course in terms of which direction to go now. It seems that we have to live in harmony with each other even in terms of morality in the society. But the dirty game of Nepali politics has hurt the people.

Khanal says that if the monarchy comes, it will kill the soul. Ser, who has been involved in the people’s war for ten years, says that the monarchy should come now to kill the soul itself.  He said that he surrendered his soul without believing in himself. He felt that the society was disintegrating in the eyes of the people. He said that those who work for the people feel that they have worked for themselves and their relatives lately.  The common man feels that he has suffered a lot. Those who do politics by leaning on the heads of the people are not even getting to fight and eat.
The statement of Mahon Baidhya Kiran, the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, was also very interesting. His statement was never in line with his work.  It was an inconvenience that the king should come after surrendering his soul when he could not change the country.

In Nepal, parties have been full of bethits lately. It is hard to find a good leader or cadre in any party. All leaders and cadres have their own stomachs.  He has not been able to break even Sinko from anywhere. Even those who jump up to the post have run away after fulfilling their selfish interests. They have taken the fruits of the contribution of other leaders in the country and have ridiculed the work done by others.

Those who do politics in Nepal claim that they do politics in the region, they have no vision.  Khanal says, KP Oli is still a hobby. Even in this election, KP Oli claims to be the first and second in the Congress. Prachanda feels that the leaders who do not believe in him have hurt the people.

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