Need of acknowledging & understanding Rape Culture | Shrinkhala Khatiwada

In this video, she talks about her experience of online sexual harassment and connects it with the normalization of Rape Culture. She points out the need of acknowledging the relationship between Rape and Rape Culture to bring about a long-lasting positive change in the society. Ms. Shrinkhala Khatiwada is a multifaceted public figure from Nepal. She is a founder of two non-profit organizations – Vriksha and One Home Foundation – emphasizing healthcare, education, and climate change. An architect by profession, she runs an architectural design and construction firm, brand-named as ‘Shrinkhala Designs.’

She has been appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for fostering Nepal-France relations. In addition, she currently endorses a multitude of national and international brands representing automobile, education, jewelry, banking, telecom, among others.

Ms. Khatiwada, an aspiring ‘architect of the people,’ believes in the power of dreams and comprehends the prominence of giving back to the community. Her benevolent activities comprise of building a health post for the marginalized Chepang community in Makwanpur district, raising prevalent social issues and bringing them into the light of public, and creating identities for the seemingly indiscernible. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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