Neeta Dhungana with father & Puspan Pradhan

Actress Nita Dhungana was present at the official announcement of Mrs. Bhagwat Gita. They were about to make an official announcement of this project. Among them are Nita Dhungana and Puskal. Actress Nita dad was also present at the formal function. They arrived in religious attire. Nita had a garland around her neck and Puskal was also in religious attire. Puskal said that he is happy to participate in this project as he is a religious person.

But when Nita big event was announced, Nita boyfriend Harihar Adhikari was not seen. He is also the main character of this program. But because he did not participate, other participants questioned him. Asked about this, Nita said that she could not participate as she was busy with other work. She said she may not have attended the formal announcement because she did not consider it necessary to attend. She said that Harihar has always participated in other schemes.

Astrologer Harihar Adhikari did not believe in astrology. So read astrology to know what is inside it. But now he has become world famous from this field. He said that he has become an astrologer to attract people who do not follow astrology. I have become an astrologer for those who do not believe in astrology, she never imagined that I would be so famous. He said that there is a possibility of getting the disease again in the new year.

He also urged to focus on yoga meditation and meditation. He also said that the army should be active in 2078 BS. He said that the army could be active for whatever reason due to natural calamity or political situation. He says he can’t say anything about his marriage now. He said he should ask his parents about the marriage. He said that he would not marry without the permission of his father and mother.

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