Neha who was shocked, revealed all the facts

No matter how educated society is, the rituals they are doing will not go away until they change their inner customs and habits. The dowry system is still going on in Tarai Madesh, due to which thousands of women and sisters have to suffer from domestic violence. Many women have committed suicide because they could not bring out their emotional pains. Neha Chaudhary from an educated family in Audahi of Mahottari district had to endure domestic violence for bringing less dowry.

After being tortured by her husband, Neha Choudhary is in a terrible condition, taking shelter from her mother. Soon after the marriage, Neha, who started being tortured by all the members of her mother-in-law’s house to bring money for her son to study medicine, has now become a victim. Neha’s parents had sold the property and given it to her husband, but after she could not bear the torture of her husband, she kept her pain in the social network.

Neha Choudhary, who is now suffering from abdominal pain, headache, and neck pain, has expressed her feelings on social media after experiencing unbearable pain. Neha, who fell in love with a boy who was working at the Grandi Hospital in Kathmandu after completing her MBBS, has said that she is in a lot of pain after getting married. The father-in-law has said that he taught his son to be a doctor before marriage and that he would have to pay the expenses.

Neha has said that even though her father spent more than 1.5 crores on her marriage, that was not enough for her. She said that even though she married for love, she found out that she married for wealth after the marriage.She said that she had to suffer torture even though her father sold his land and gave away his property because it is a tradition to take dowry in Tarai. She said that after the marriage, her mother-in-law started torturing her because of her, the eldest son did not come to the family.

Neha said that even though she is sick, her husband, who is not cared about by her mother-in-law and Nanda, is causing her pain. The mother-in-law has said that she provokes her son by saying that she will find a better girl who will give more wealth.Neha said that although the relationship was good for two months of marriage, after that the relationship is deteriorating. Neha has said that after being tortured by her mother-in-law, even when she went to the women’s cell of the police, her application was not accepted. Neha said that Nanda’s mother-in-law talks a lot at home, so she always talks negatively.

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