Neharika and heroine Karisma Manandhar team reached the ministry, what happens now?

Neharika, who has become a virgin mother, said that she should get justice. Neharika has said that she got a second mother when she was supported by a national artiste, a politician. When she first met Neharika at the Reports Club, she was convinced that she would get justice, but later Neharika started her journey demanding justice.

Karisma said that when she had a daughter, she supported him by making him her second daughter. Neharika said that they have reached the Home Ministry for the justice of Neharika and a women’s commission has also come to support her. Neharika, who became a virgin mother, went on a hunger strike with her daughter, demanding justice, court, police administration, women’s commission, media and many other places. She says that she has been struggling for 14 days after being raped and after not getting justice for 3 years, she has moved forward realizing the pain of her struggle. After being raped by her friend’s brother at the age of 17, the mother of a 21-month-old virgin mother, Naharika Rajput, is now struggling to seek justice. The mother, who was born in a poor home, says that the court, the court and the police have treated her unfairly, how the court has ruled in favor of the raped boy without caring about her and the child, and has taken out the DNA report of the child and father , Is sitting on an indefinite carpet fast.

According to Neharika, Shibaraj Shrestha’s sister-in-law was raped for a month by a friend who called her at home, put anesthetic in her food, threatened her with an immoral relationship, took a bad photo and posted it on social media. After the District Court of Dhanusa ruled in favor of the criminal Shiva Raj Shrestha on January 7, 2008, he did not file a case in the High Court of Dhanusha saying that the decision of the District Court was wrong. She was forced to go on hunger strike after the court did not give her a hearing even after four months. Although the case was registered in the high court four months ago, the case has not been fixed, she and my child are on the verge of death.

She demanded that the police administration do nothing but ensure that the state investigates and ensures the child’s right to life. According to Neharika, since the police have weakened the incident from the beginning, she has demanded re-investigation from the beginning. A year ago, this issue was also covered in various media outlets. Born in Dhanusa, Neharika is not ashamed to be a virgin mother, the boy is still hiding her face, but she has raised her voice as to why the various organizations in the society are not supporting her.

She said that she was a mother, but even living in a safe house, many people told her to throw the baby away. As the incidence of rape has increased, people are feeling insecure day by day, which is spreading perversion in the society and creating fear in the society. When the court gives justice based on the level of the people, the trust of the people, the poor victims, is being broken day by day. Since the big berg always takes the small berg in its hands, forcing it to endure whatever injustice is done, it is found that the goal of life of many people is to take away the desires at once.

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