Nepal democracy is overloaded and has stopped working

If we look at the political history of Nepal, the Nepali Congress and the Left have a majority. Whether it is the establishment of the Nepali Congress government or the Left, they have not been able to satisfy the people. They are spending time blaming each other. Nepal’s political parties have no time to look at the development of the country and the needs of the people. In this context, author and political analyst Mumaram Khanal has presented some of his views on the current political conflict in Nepal.

“Our country’s politics is not worth commenting on,” he said. This situation is not only present but also a crisis that has been building up for a long time. On the one hand, the mountain of crisis is rising, on the other hand, the people are on the other side and the politicians are on the other side. He says if this problem is solved in time, the mountain of crisis will not fall. Our politics has never been creative. Just because politicians are bad does not mean that politics is not creative. Educational history tends to produce civilized citizens. Countries that have grown up with three generations of educational development can easily identify and solve their problems. The decent citizen goes to every area and shows decent behavior. Looking back since 2006, politics has never improved.

Khanal says that if politics is successful, other areas will not be successful. Since politics is not worthy of comment, there is a large group of people who follow the leader and make a living by listening to him. If the government is criticized, the same party will protest. Currently, the new generation has not seen the future in Nepal. They have only seen constant strife. That is why there is no need to criticize politics. If you want to criticize politics, instead of being a scapegoat of politics, you have to be a scapegoat. There is also a problem in mainstream politics in Nepal. Those things continue. He says that the way people come after paving the way, the result will be the same.

Crowds have been operating democracy for 2,000 years. This means that democracy around the world has stopped working. Democracy cannot function without the birth of a large middle class. If we look at the situation of our country, the middle class has been born without production. Even now, more than one lakh youths are unemployed and unproductive. He says that the middle class cannot destroy democracy in this way.

Democracy has not been able to work well as Nepal’s democracy is overloaded. In Western countries, institutions seem to have turned into individuals after being strong, while in Nepal, democracy is weakened due to the dominance of individuals over institutions, says author Khanal.

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