Nepal latest news, Pramod Kharel objection to Rabbi Lamichhane government

Hospitals across the country are full of corona infections in Nepal. In some hospitals, patients have started complaining of not getting beds. As the infection spread, the government issued restraining orders in various districts.
Similarly, UML leader and former prime minister Jhala Nath Khanal has also been confirmed infected with corona. He was rushed to Manmohan Hospital for diarrhea after being diagnosed with corona infection. Her family sources said that she has been taken to Norvik Hospital for treatment.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health and Population, journalist Rabi Lamichhane wrote a status on his Facebook page. He wrote, “Prime Minister Xu, Chief Jewish ministers and Jewish ministers, come and save your government and chair anyway.” The Ministry of Health has sincerely stated that there are no beds for us. Please save your chair. No matter what Let’s save and save from Corona. ‘He posted some points of the statement issued by the ministry on Facebook.

Despite issuing a restraining order in Kathmandu, illegal vehicles have been taken under control and action has been taken against them. More than 1,000 vehicles were impounded on Saturday alone, while 2,000 vehicles were impounded on Sunday, according to the traffic police.

According to the Ministry of Health, corona infection was confirmed in 7,448 people in Nepal on Monday alone. For the first time in Nepal, corona infection has been confirmed in so many people. When the first wave of coronavirus spread in Nepal, 5,029 people were infected on October 20. The government has urged citizens to be vigilant as coronary infections are on the rise.

Comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha has returned home after overcoming the corona infection. He was diagnosed with corona infection when he went for a test at Medicity in Lalitpur on April 25. He returned home on Friday after recovering from corona.

A few days ago, while returning from the set of Voice of Nepal, news was spread that Pramod Kharel had an accident. Pramod Kharel has expressed his indignation on his Facebook page through status and video for spreading fictitious news about himself. He has objected to such fake news.

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