Nepal on the path of destiny of Sri Lanka and Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had a global impact, with countries with low economies such as Nepal feeling the effects, the prices of daily necessities in the market rising day and night, the price of fuel rising, lending money to banks. Is not Foreign trade deficit has risen, remittances have fallen, unemployment has risen, but the three-tier government has not been able to spend its budget.

With the local elections looming, the parties have been actively trying to win the election by collaborating with the people. The leaders of Nepal, who have been falsely assured that they will fish in places where there is no water and that the stars will fall from the sky, will never risk feeding the fish in the pond. If this journey continues, it will not take long for Nepal’s speed to reach the path of Ukraine to Sri Lanka.

While Zelensky has committed NATO to flying over his country’s skies, Zelensky has also said that Ukraine is now a member of the EU. Russia has asked China for military and economic support for its war with Ukraine, a US official has claimed. The United States has said China faces a “serious threat” if it supports Russia in the war. The President of Ukraine has announced that he will not join NATO, saying that he will not ask for anything on his knees. Ukraine has said it will not become a member of the 30-nation NATO bloc.

Russia is currently at the top of the list with 5,532 items banned, although Iran is the country with the highest number of sanctions before Yash, after Russia invaded Ukraine. The United States alone holds 21% of the territory under sanctions. Russia has been accused of waging war on Ukraine in an inhumane manner. Russia’s 69-year-old president is known as the ringleader of the ring.

Born on October 7, 1952, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Putin’s father worked in the Soviet May, while his mother worked in a factory. From an early age, he was interested in world politics and military power. Due to financial constraints at home, Putin made money working as a mouse catcher. Putin dreamed of becoming a spy from an early age and wanted to join the KGB. Had begun their journey. Putin, who worked as a spy for 15 years, had two daughters. After divorcing his wife, he returned to politics.

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