Nepal sells electricity worth Rs 1.72 billion in one month

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has earned Rs 1.72 billion by selling electricity in the Indian market in a month. NEA Karan has earned by selling electricity at energy exchange rate. Initially, 39 megawatts of electricity was distributed daily to the two power plants, but it has been found that 364 megawatts of electricity has been distributed since June 8. NEA Karan has got approval to sell the electricity generated from 6 hydropower offices in ix market.

NEA got the highest rate on June 20, compared to Rs 15.93 per unit on that day. The lowest was Rs 4.92 per unit on July 22. Executive Kulman Ghising said that although electricity has been sold in the competitive market since last financial year, the business has moved forward with more effective accounting this year. As electricity is being sold in this way, the role of hydropower in the development of Nepal is being explained in this way. Even the government is working to increase power generation.

Nepal, which has been undergoing 18-hour load setting in the past, has been adding hydropower projects every year for the past few years. From the private and government sectors, the return on investment in electricity has reached its full potential. He said that when he was in the Electricity Authority, 65% of the people had access to electricity and now it has reached 95%. He said that as the work is still going on continuously from the central broadcast, it will soon reach Bigat area as well.

As a country with unlimited potential for power generation, Nepal has been developing one after another since Kulman Ghising took over the leadership. According to NEA, an additional 600 MW of electricity has been generated from 11 projects across the country in the last six months. The government has set a target of generating 1000 MW of electricity in the fiscal year 2078-89. According to the authority, 256 MW from Sinleti Khola Hydropower, 4.98 MW from Rechek Khola, 456 MW from Upper Tamakoshi, 4 MW from Chandrasigar Solar, 9 MW from Maimeni, 9,510 MW from Maimeni. The project has generated 5 megawatts from solar, 6,200 megawatts from Luwajogmai, 4.52 megawatts from Likhu, 4 megawatts from Aparachyangdi and 11 megawatts from Lorkhare Hydropower Project.

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), like other government offices in Nepal, was in deficit some time ago, when Kulman Ghising stepped into the NEA, saying that the people should use as much electricity as they need, taking advantage of the always deficient NEA. There is ample amount, so that the common citizen can use as much as he needs, even if he uses 4-5 hundred megawatts more per day. Nepal has the potential to sell its resources to other countries. Due to the negligence on the part of the employees, some areas have gone into deficit, which has caused misery to the common man.

Nepal is considered to be a country rich in water resources. It has a lot of potential to generate electricity. If the leakage in Nepal is controlled and used properly, the government of Nepal will also become rich by selling electricity. Unable to utilize the resources within the country, the Nepalese people are dependent on the products of other countries, the people and the government are at a loss, but the employees have become rich, which is found to cause misery to the people. Lately, Kulman Ghising has been adding one hydropower project after another to make Nepal dark free. They have been believing that electric vehicles should be used instead of motor vehicles running on diesel and petrol in the Nepali market, which keeps the atmosphere clean and beautiful. Which does not affect our health, and Nepali money stays inside Nepal.

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